Apart from news paper, the Editor Rev.Vishwas P.Masih is also doing ministry through various means.

Other Ministries

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Other Ministry
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Audio-Visual Ministry

Personal Evangelism

Rev Vishwas Masih believes that there is nothing like personal evangelism. So he uses his experiences of walking in Christian faith towards benefiting several others who are lost. He is a very good counselor especially in issues related to choosing life partner, marriage, family and youth

Our ministry uses the latest technology in spreading the word of God. We have produced documentaries on Good Friday and Easter, on persecution of Christians apart from producing audio cassettes and CDs of Christian Songs. To order CDs, you may call 09425320598 . Productions we did are “ABHISHEK” (audio cd), “ SAJDA” (audio cd), “MUKTI & Masihi Gazal”

Mashiat’s greatest success has been in taking the Word of God in churches during the Passion Week every year. Rev Vishwas Masih has brought God’s word to churches in many cities including Mumbai, Gorakhpur, Dahod, Korba, Raigarh, Champa, Janjgeer  etc. His powerful messages have been responsible for many transformations that have happened during this ministry. If you want to invite the Masihat Team in your church any time of the year, do call us: 09425320598.


Passion Week & Church Visits

Masihat Ministry supports Christian believers and organizations who have devoted themselves towards God’s service. From time to time, Masihat ministry has supported needy individuals. This support is not just in monetary terms but also in terms of spiritual and personal counseling.  

Helping People