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It was back in 1973 when Rev.Vishwas P.Masih the then Vishwas Masih completed his B.A. and was seeking a job . During his intensive efforts to get a good job ,he also had tried to devote his time in writing. He therefore wrote some good articles and sent them to the local News Papers for publishing them, but they were returned back with "sorry" to him and thus he was very discouraged with the attitude of the editors as they were publishing a false picture of the Christianity in their news papers at the time of Christ Birth Remembrance (which is traditionally known as CHRISTMAS ),Good Friday and our Lord's resurrection Sunday which is also traditionally known as EASTER. Some non-christian writers used to give the account of the Christmas without knowing the Bible and thus a wrong message was communicated to the people.

Many times ,Rev.Vishwas went to talk to the editors of the local News Papers and explained his views but no-body was there to heed his request and this made him to think in this line. But to start a Christian publication , many things were to be decided ,as to who will run the publication, who is going to finance it and where should be the office, staff and other related questions .With this deem plan Rev.Vishwas P. Masih was praying and seeking a job, he also prayed to God that if Lord will give him a good job then he will contribute his tithe to start a publication. In the initial stage, he will bear the expenses. It took two years when Rev.Vishwas P.Masih was given a job in the Bank . Indeed this was a needed job by which he can spare a good amount towards publication. Rev.Vishwas P.Masih was given appointment in the Bank at Bhopal


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“Masihat may look like a baby step towards God`s kingdom but the glory lies in the smallest things in life”


The time passed by , but the right time had not come. Then in the summer of 1976, Rev.Vishwas P.Masih was asked to direct an Evangelistic Student's Camp at Indore. After the camp he had to circulate the report in which he had to give the details of the camp and other useful informations. Rev.Vishwas P.Masih then prepared the circular and named it "Apni-Bat" and sent it to the campers who attended the camp. It was well responded and very much liked and thus the time came to start the Christian Publication. The birth of present "Masihat Publication "took place in the month of June 1976. It was in cyclostyled form and only 50 copies were circulated. The June 76 issue was the first issue of the "Masihat "the then "Apni Bat".For a year or so it was in the same format but in August 1977 the first printed "Apni Bat "was circulated and thus this continued till " Masihat" magazine and News Paper got their final shape. Upto 1996 the composing and printing was done by outside agencies but in 1996 Rev.Vishwas P.Masih installed his own computer. The job of composing ,desiging etc. was now taken up in this Computer. " Masihat" was also registered with Registrar of News Papers, New Delhi in 1990 . For 12 years Rev.Vishwas P.Masih was struggling to get the registration but due to the corruption in the Registrar Office , it was delayed till 1990 .Finally the Registration certificate was issued in June 1992.Later on for getting registration of News Paper , again the whole process of Registration took place and thus in 1996 the Reg. Certificate was issued . Masihat is a Registered Publication. Till 1998 all the official work was done in the rental residence but on 2nd Sept.98 Masihat Publication was shifted to new Office-cum-residence at 122,Revenue Nagar, Bicholi Habsi Road, Indore 452016. Since then the work of this publication is in progress and now Masihat is on Website. Our latest development is now you can download Entire Masihat News Paper through our site and read it through Adobe Acrobat Reader. Masihat has developed itself with the current technology and it is still growing up.